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The Toth’Tozan are the oldest known race in the universe to date and are friendly but secretive of their past and origins. Because of this, they are shrouded in myth and rumor wherever they go and no one knows how old they truly are. What is known, driven by their curiosity and by seeing beyond the potential of Magic and Science as separate Axioms, they created Metaphysics by combining the principles of both into one.

Elder Sketches

Despite all of their knowledge, pensiveness and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs, the Toth’Tozan are arrogant, self serving and some are elitist in their thinking. They hide their motives behind altruism, willing to help others, but always concerned with what they get out of the deal. If they want something or want to achieve something, they will do whatever is neccessary to obtain their goal.

Their society has evolved to the point of being governed through majority rules and they believe that everything from decisions, laws, theories and beyond should be voted on by everyone and no one person should decide for the whole.

Their cities, buildings and structures mix the organic, inorganic, the mystical and technological alike. Their style of buildings are tall and elegant while being imposing at the same time. Despite their large buildings and opulent cities they recognize the delicate balance of nature, thereby always maintaining balance of organic and inorganic elements in their architecture.

Although the majority of the Toth’Tozan practice Metaphysics, to them it is acceptable for others to be free to practice the Axioms of their choice. Despite this, every child is raised with the principles of Metaphysics and the intricate role it played in their ancestoral history. This has led to purists believing it to be unclean to practice just Magic or Science without regard to Metaphysics are disgracing the fulgarite that gave them life.