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Development News – May 20, 2022

Development News – May 20, 2022

Happy Friday to everyone!

We hope your Friday is nothing short of amazing. Even though it’s a little later than normal (you can blame me!) I wanted to share our progress, our goals and something you all love… ART! So, with that said let’s jump into some updates.

DEVELOPMENT NEWS Presently, we are working hard on the inventory system, world generation (Trees, ground clutter, etc.), modeling the races, weapons and tools, and various other things like the website and new artwork.

THE QELAVIAN I want to introduce our second race, the elusive and mysterious Qelavian. The Qelavian despite being capable of the interstellar travel for hundreds of years, have been an elusive species until recently. The Qelavian have spent generations living in harmony with everything around them. Ever since they evolved, they have chosen to coexist with nature and learn from it. Read more about the Qelavian on the website here:

THE FUTURE AKA GOALS Our current goal is to produce a vertical slice of the game. If you are unsure what a vertical slice here is a quick definition: Vertical Slice. A vertical slice is a portion of a game which acts as a proof of concept for stakeholders. With that said, our focus is on our core systems and laying the groundwork for the future of the game. Systems such as the inventory system, the crafting system, the RPG system, the world generator, and several other systems.

Blueprints The team is in constant talks about other systems such as a blueprint system to allow players to save their creations and have the ability to move them.

Economy OH BOY! We have had so many discussions revolving around the economy and how we want it to function.

Colors We have even had many discussion around colors…and how our colors can be used and manipulated.

THANK YOU As always, thank you for supporting the cause. We look forward to showing you more soon!

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