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Development News – 07.04.22

Development News – 07.04.22

Well, it has been a good bit since we have had an update, so here I am sharing a quick update with everyone.


We have progressed on the inventory system, and we are currently giving it a UI makeover and have much of the functionality in place.

The equipment system is currently being designed and the functionality for the equipment is being written.

The start of the crafting system has been discussed and some decisions have been made. The start of the crafting system UI is being designed and the functionality will be in place in the coming weeks.

World Generation
The world generation system is now generating trees and grass. We are currently tweaking the trees to spawn in a way that we feel is proper for our game, so we hope to have that completed in the coming days.

We are going to introduce our 3rd race; the androids known as the Tson’Qar.

The Tson’Qar were born from the fusion of Primordial Fulgurite and a chunk of a Tesseract that collided causing the cosmic explosion which formed the universe and everything in it today. After fusing together, it hurtled through space slowly gathering random particles and elements until it evolved into tiny, microscopic machines.

Read more about the Tson’Qar on the website:

We appreciate your patience and support and will be releasing some new media and images shortly.

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