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Development News – 09.16.22

Development News – 09.16.22

We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! We wanted to give another update in regard to our progress with Endless Voxels.

World Generation

The world generation is still a major focus for the team. We have been working on biomes generation with trees, water and plants being a major focus.  We have a long way to go but things are shaping up nicely.

Inventory System

We have just wrapped up a refactor of our inventory system and are now beginning to move into the UI work on the inventory user interface.  We are also putting in a lot of work on our hand crafting which also ties into our inventory system.

Future Plans

We have moved into discussing our skill system and how our skills function.  We will share more information on this soon once we move into development of this system.

The Lorquyian

We also have been working diligently on several models ranging from weapons to creatures.  Below is one of our newest creatures, the Lorquyian and some of the creature animations.

Check the video out below.

Social Media

We are now on Twitter, YouTube and Reddit. Please follow/subscribe to us on these platforms and help spread the word!!

Endless Voxels – YouTube

Endless Voxels – Twitter

EndlessVoxels – Reddit

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