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Axiom of Metaphysics

Philosophically, practitioners of Metaphysics believe in the “First principles of things.” They tend to focus on the concepts of being, knowing, substance, time, and space. They do not believe in a higher power or god. They believe in themselves and their great intellect that they have cultivated over the eons. Ultimately they themselves have a god complex in the fact that they believe they understand more about magic and science than anyone or anything else in the universe.

Their cities, buildings and structures mix the organic, inorganic, the mystical and technological alike. Their style of buildings are tall, elegant and beautiful while being described as intimidating at the same time.

Their determination to master the universe & beyond is paralleled by none other and despite practitioners of Metaphysics typically being chaotic neutral at their worst. They are not above morally questionable behaviors in their pursuit of understanding the intricate connections between the science and magic, that drives the universe and it’s continual evolution.

You decide if the ends justify the means.

Axiom of Magic

The practitioners of magic are typically in tune with their environments, lending themselves to living with the land and the world around them rather than disrupting the natural flow of the land.

The races that practice magic range from Pure Good to Pure Evil and wield their abilities in many different forms. Some wield organic magic, some liquid magic, life magic, death magic and so many more forms of magic.

Their beliefs are driven by their connection to the universe around them, they believe that everything is connected through an unseeable connection. Through that connection anything and everything can be manipulated whether that is for good or bad is up to the user. They use their abilities to communicate and connect with the essence of the environment around them, thereby allowing them to achieve the most amazing feats. By channeling that essence into themselves and focusing their minds they can create things beyond imagination.

They believe in symbiosis and the principles of equivalent exchange – take what you need and give something in return. Whereby every process of creation requires something to be given and a catalyst to be lost for the desired result.

Is the cost worth the reward, you choose.

Axiom of Science

The science races believe that there are greater scientific forces maintaining their universe and universes beyond theirs. Gods to them are the forces that bind their universe together. The Unknown to them is like a great cosmic symphony seeking to be understood.

Practitioners of Science are dedicated to pure logic and to the pursuit of understanding the universe from its largest to its smallest piece and how they are related and interconnected.

Their goal is to wield all obtainable scientific knowledge to perfect their existence. Although arrogant, their approach to everything they do and believe is precise and calculated. If they cannot explain it or quantify it, then it is simply a question to be answered, known to them as an anomaly. They will do anything and everything with nothing to stop their pursuit of science; their dark past proves just that.

They do not believe in the mystical, magical or anything seemingly un-explainable by science. Only satiated by furthering their scientific knowledge, if they do not know what something is they will analyze and study it until they understand it down to the subatomic level.

What will you sacrifice for knowledge, you choose.