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Come join the community on Discord and join in on the early discussions around the Early Pre-Alpha development and help shape the early beginnings of Endless Voxels.

We have conversations with our community on Discord and our Forums around RPG Mechanics, PvE Mechanics, Instanced Dungeons, World Bosses, Crafting, Creative World Functionality and more. Despite not every idea being right for the Endless Voxels Franchise, we do value the input of our community members and it is very important to us to hear what our communities ideas, concepts, thoughts, likes, and dislikes are.

We are always looking for gamers of all types MMO, RPG, MMORPG, Creative and Creative Sandbox players to join and discuss all the possibilities and ideas that could potentially add to the the game.

So come join our Discord Server and help us create the best and worlds first Creative Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game!

Join Endles Voxels Discord Server

Join The Community

Join our Discord Server and Get Involved

Elite Early Backers

(Donated Before December 16th 2021)

Early Backers

(Donated Between December 16th 2022 – October 21st 2022)