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Pre-Alpha Road Map

Art & Modeling

  • Finish Designing 3 Races and make model ready
  • Finish Elders
  • Finish Second Race
  • Finish Last Race
  • (If time allows design more)
  • Monsters
  • Design at least 3
  • Tools make model ready
  • Pick Axe
  • Axe
  • Shovel
  • Hoe
  • Weapons make model ready
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Staff
  • Bow
  • Design Above Ground Biome
  • Design Cave Biome
  • Design Below Water Elements
  • Work With Red on UI Art
    • Scenescapes and Generally releasable artwork.

Terrain Generation

This should produce the basis of the WorldBuilder that we will give to the Early Backers to play with and the base generator to live on the dedicated server that houses the world file data.

  • Generate Water
  • Generate Cave Biome
  • Generate Biome
  • Grass
  • Trees
  • Plant Life
  • Ground Clutter


  • Wood
  • Folliage
  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Stone
  • Rock
  • Metal

Resource generation if there is time.

Water physics if there is time.

UI Design

The UI in which users use to interact with the game while playing.


Menu Systems

  • Main Menu
  • Start
  • User Registration
  • Login Screen
  • View Account Profile
  • Settings
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Controller


  • Hot Bar 10 & 20 slot options
  • Health & Mana
  • Mount Control
  • Character Frames
  • Health, Mana, Level etc.

Ability System

  • Ability Tree
  • Confirmation Screens:
  • Add Ability
  • Remove Ability
  • Reset Abilities

Skills System

  • Skill Tree
  • Confirmation Screens
  • Add Skill
  • Remove Skill
  • Reset Skills

Player Account System – (PAS)

The PAS will be used to allow users to register an account and login into the system.

Crafting System

The Crafting system will consist of 3 crafting systems for the vertical slice. We will be using Handcrafting, Smelting and Blacksmithing.

Handcrafting – Will allow the user to craft a basic shovel, pick axe and axe out of stone.

Smelting – Will allow the user to melt the metals down to make them ready to create items with.

Blacksmithing – Will allow the user to take the melted metal and make a sword, metal pickaxe and metal axe.

It should have the following screens/ui & functionality decisions

  • Handcrafting
  • Screen Designed
  • Recipes Defined
  • Stone Shovel
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Axe
  • Smelting
  • Crafting Screen Designed
  • Machine Designed and Modeled
  • Recipes Defined
  • Smelting Recipes
  • Blacksmithing
  • Crafting Screen Designed
  • Machine Designed and Modeled
  • Recipes Defined
  • Metal Shovel
  • Metal Pickaxe
  • Metal Axe
  • Workbench
  • Brick Block
  • Wood Paneling
  • Wood Floor

Leveling Systems

Setup leveling system for character leveling and skills leveling

RPG System

Leveling System

  • Stats
  • Abilities
  • Basic Combat
  • Utilize Abilities
  • 2 Quests
  • Vendor
  • Random enemy spawning
  • Dungeon

AI System

  • The AI System should have 1 – 2 enemies active(only attack when attacked)
  • The AI System should have 1 creature that is passive.
  • The AI System should have 1 – 2 enemies that are aggressive.

Abilities System

Abilities provide either special attacks, generic actions or defensive actions to use during combat. It can add damage to a weapons, defense to armor, and additional damage types to attacks. As you level you gain abilities.

Create 3-5 Abilities to be used in combat.

Skills System

Skills are things that users can do, IE Mine, Craft, Build, Swing a Sword, swim, grapple etc. Essentially anything that is not an Combat Ability is a skill.

Skills will become active as the user discovers recipes and items. They then will gain XP in those skills as they perform them each time.

  • Skill leveling system.
  • Swimming
  • Pick Axe
  • Use Sword
  • Use Shovel
  • Use Axe

Mount System

The mount system should just a simple mount system showing that we can do mounts.

The UI Needs to be designed outlined in the UI section of the document.

It should consist of the following UI/Functional Elements

  • See a screen that allows for viewing mounts in the players collection
  • Allow the user to select their mount that is useable from the hotbar
  • A specific location on the hotbar area for using the current active mount
  • The user should be able to summon the mount
  • The user should be able to mount
  • The user should be able to unmount
  • The user should be able to unsummon the mount

Resource System

Ores and resources should generate when the world generates. We should also have ore responding if possible.

The raw resources we will have for our vertical slice is going to be

  • Wood
  • Foliage
  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Stone
  • Metal

Creative/Sandbox System

The player should be able to craft building blocks and build with them, modify the terrain by either digging or terraforming it.

The Player should be able to do the following

  • Dig
  • Cube
  • Single Voxel – Terraforming
  • Multi Voxel – Terraforming
  • Place Block
  • Cube
  • Single Voxel
  • Multi Voxel
  • Chiseling
  • Slop
  • Stairs
  • groove
  • Flatten
  • Portals
  • See Planets In Sky
  • Target Planet and Open Portal
  • Allow user to walk through
  • Map

Test Server Setup

  • Setup test server environment
  • Verify data usage estimates
  • Setup Server/Client Environment
  • Setup network replication on all multiplayer features
  • Setup world generator on dedicated server for testing world generation and world file downloads with dynamic generation calls.
  • Setup environment to run multiplayer tests

By the end of the Vertical Slice development process we should be able to all login, see each other and interact with the world together.

In-Game Profile System – (IGPS)

The in game profile system will allow players to add additional info about their character