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The Qelavian despite being capable of the interstellar travel for hundreds of years, have been an elusive species until recently. The Qelavian have spent generations living in harmony with everything around them. Ever since they evolved, they have chosen to coexist with nature and learn from it.

Through the generations, they have developed a deep, intimate, and symbiotic relationship with the Fulgarite that exists in the universe. This symbiosis allows them to tap into the natural power of the Fulgarite around them empowering their magic, healing their sick and empowering the armor and weapons of their warriors.

Qelavian Sketches

Despite their peaceful ways, because of their tribal societal structure, many Qelavian have a deep distaste for some ways others use Fulgarite. To them Fulgarite is the most sacred resource in the universe and believe that Fulgarite is the true source of life in the cosmos. While they are friendly and welcoming, cross them and you will feel their wrath.

Their cities are built into the environment they live in, rather than destroying the environment to accommodate their growth. This reflects their quest of coexistence with their world and the universe. Being ever vigilant of how their way of life impacts their worlds on which they live.

Despite the Qelavian’s distaste for how others in the universe use Fulgarite, some Qelavian’s have discovered the potential offered by Metaphysics and Science to further empower their abilities. Going against their Elders wishes, some have chosen to seek further understanding, by exploring the other Axioms that exist in the universe. For these Qelavian’s, it is not how Fulgarite is used, rather it is what it is used for.