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The Tson’Qar were born from the fusion of Primordial Fulgurite and a chunk of a Tesseract that collided causing the cosmic explosion which formed the universe and everything in it today. After fusing together, it hurtled through space slowly gathering random particles and elements until it evolved into tiny, microscopic machines. As they traveled through the universe they slowly advanced over the eons into the sentient machines. Eventually they found a suitable planet in which they could survive. Laying down roots, they established a society and since then advanced into what they are today.

Tson'Qar Sketches

Tson’Qar Sketches

To the Tson’Qar, the universes and everything in it exists to be bent and molded to their wills and whims. Utilizing their vast intellect and superior cognitive ability they have mastered the cosmos and the science that drives it. They have invented tech beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, right down to their cities filled with technological wonders that defy imagination. Despite all their intelligence the majority of them lack the ability to understand any Axiom other than Science.

The Tson’Qar rule through unanimity and see Metaphysics and Magic as deceptive illusions. So much so, they believe that the followers of these Axioms are merely utilizing science and feigning mystical abilities. For most of them, they believe that this is either out of ignorance or deceit.

Despite their ways of science and many of the Tson’Qar’s belief that Metaphysics and Magic are not real. There are those among the Tson’Qar that have been able to surpass their technological limitations, tapping into the power of the Fulgurite in their bodies to achieve the use of Metaphysics and Magic. Thereby, challenging the status quo that the majority of the Tson’Qar believe that Magic and Metaphysics is false.